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Well Drilling in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, we rely on wells for a number of reasons. They supply our homes with fresh water, irrigate our lawns and crops, provide water for our livestock, help power local businesses, and even play a role in our tourism industry. Because of this, we need our wells to be safe, efficient, and dependable. They must comply with local codes and meet every owners’ distinct needs. That means they should be constructed with the utmost care, caution, expertise, and attention to detail.

Residential and Commercial Water Wells

​At Pittsburgh Water Well Drilling, we specialize in drilling commercial and residential water wells for our friends and neighbours across West Pennsylvania. We have the knowledge and equipment necessary to ensure your well meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Our team also has the experience to help you decide which drilling method, casing materials, and other factors would best suit your water volume demands. We offer a full range of well drilling services, and we’re always here to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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​Well Drilling Services from Your Local Experts

We start by assessing your property and taking your water well needs into consideration. From there, we’ll advise you on the best placement of your well based on the water table, the layout of the land, and your unique requirements. We keep our clients informed in every step of the process and work with them to design the best possible water well system for their property and purposes.
Along the way, we take every possible precaution to protect clients’ properties and everything on them. We place PVC mats under our drilling rigs to prevent damage to clients’ land and test the water while drilling to ensure it’s safe and up to quality standards. If needed, we can provide vacuum truck services to remove drill cuttings from your well site.
No matter what size and type of well you need, our team and equipment can handle it. Our drilling rigs are capable of drilling wells of various sizes and depths, and our hydraulic derricks and hoists can install submersible pumps ranging from 1/2 horsepower up to 150 horsepower. Our specialized trenching equipment allows us to install water lines under decks, driveways, landscaping features, and buildings, so there’s no damage to your property, and our methods create as little disruption as possible.

Types of Wells at Your Disposal

Numerous types of wells are used across our area, each of which serves a distinct set of purposes. While we certainly provide drilling for household and business water supplies, that’s only a portion of the services we offer. We also handle:

  • Irrigation Wells
  • Cathodic Protection Drilling
  • Geothermal Open-Loop Systems
  • Geothermal Closed-Loop Systems
  • Geothermal Recharge Wells

From evaluating your needs and testing water quality to drilling your well and cleaning up after the fact, we cover all the bases. Whether you’re having a new home built, installing geothermal heating and cooling, or looking for an agricultural irrigation system, we can help. Call us or contact us here on our website to learn more about our services or request a consultation. By combining our experience with your input, we can develop the perfect well system for you.